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       We agree, the residential construction industry has completely neglected the clients' need for clear, open and honest communication. Admittedly, it’s a major challenge to involve the end user in a process that has thousands of moving parts and hundreds of individuals. To create an environment of open communication with the client has been one of our COEUR focuses for nearly a decade now.  According to construction industry exit polls, most homeowners believe that building their home was an extremely stressful experience (often times leading to marital failure).  We’d like to save you that personal anguish by using our process to avoid so many of those heartbreaking situations.

       Is your builder encouraging you to write them a blank check and use their “Cost-Plus” program, where they plan to run full speed ahead and look back at the costs, hoping you can afford it? Do you believe you are being charged an additional premium just because your lot has amazing views or expensive neighbors? Do you question if their billing will be accurate or why they are asking for payments for work that hasn’t even begun yet? These are all low-trust relationships and here at COEUR, we are industry disruptors. We strive to target these flaws and take active steps in creating change. We have identified critical gaps in the residential building process and have found new, innovative ways to ensure that each project runs smoothly with high-trust communication; making your experience not only positive, but exciting and memorable



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       The construction industry has a habit of sticking to tradition: “That’s the way we’ve always done it, so that’s the way we are going to do it.” At COEUR, we’ve made the conscious decision to challenge that way of thinking in all areas of our business. With 20 years of experience under our belt, we have confidence in our processes and our abilities to craft with precision, expertise, attention to detail. This has allowed us to adapt to fluctuating industry demands, advances in processes and technology, and most of all: you, our customer.


       We respect our peers within the industry, as we have all gone through trials and turmoils together and our craft is always fluctuating with the economy, demand, and materials. But, choosing your builder can make or break not only your dream home, but your overall experience in the creation of your vision. 

        If you’re tired of builders who seem to lack interest in your vision and only want to build “the same old thing” or if you prefer a builder using cutting edge designs, processes, and technology; paired with a true passion for seeing each little nook and cranny come into fruition, let COEUR be your partner in building your dream.

We truly listen to you, creating an enjoyable and interactive experience holding your inspirations (and budget) at top of mind! 

       The secret: our people. COEUR has invested heavily in a small, but mighty team both on and off the field that bring innovative design and build practices to the table, because no one should have the “I wish we would’ve asked for this” or “I should’ve thought of that” feeling when your home is complete. Being industry disruptors has led us to pinpoint 4 main values and provide new ways to enhance each one of them, ensuring they are always at the forefront of our day-to-day operations.




       Every home we construct, we build with the mindset as if it was our very own home. We think about cost, timelines and efficiency of each item. Here at COEURwe’ve built our processes around  transparency, uncompromising listening skills and communication. We don’t ask our clients to sign a construction contract until we have a final home design, material selections, and a budget that meets our client’s needs. In fact, we don’t even want them to start a home design unless we feel it’s realistic to meet their objectives.

​       We want our customers to feel that they can put their trust in us. They should trust us with their money, trust our expertise, knowledge and judgment when it comes to the entire service experience. When you choose COEUR, you get much more than a General Contractor. We will help you find the ideal home location, listen carefully to your desires, work with you to create the architectural design and help you coordinate your interior and exterior schemes. Healthy relationships are the foundation of our work; and we believe our biggest competitive advantage is our honesty; truly putting the customer’s best interest first in every situation.


       Celebrating over 20 years in the Coeur D'Alene area as a prime general contractor, our passion for construction has led us to hone our craft and execute with precision. With over 100 custom projects under our belt, our abilities are well-practiced and professional.

       Our strong build-resume has earned COEUR a reputation among our peers, partners, and clients alike as one of the region's premier builders. It’s true, we have completed projects in every western state of the US, but these days we build exclusively in the Inland Northwest. Each member of our team has their life’s professional experience dedicated solely to construction. No newbies here, just pro’s ready to build your luxury home.


        We believe communication is key to a successful home building experience. From the first conversation to the last: asking the right questions, understanding the client’s objectives... these are critical aspects easily left unspoken and disagreements will only arise from there. 

       Is your builder asking the right questions? Are these answers assembled in an easy to understand format? Are all items described in the contract? Is there a communication chain of command? Is there a written communication process for changes to the project? Here at COEUR, we want you to understand all of the critical choices about your project before it’s too late, from the features and building materials to be used to the estimated time and costs of construction.

       This clear communication is THE most under-utilized tool in residential construction and the beginning of nearly all disagreements. That’s why we try to over-communicate with documentation and written approvals, which results in a much happier customer experience.


       Quality is word so often thrown around by builders... and it is only true that we are working with imperfect, natural materials that will never feel or look exactly perfect. So, what is Quality construction and how do you achieve it? It really boils down to a Quality Control process. That’s why COEUR implements written Q/C checklists at each stage of construction and verify that quality exceeds the desired standards. Yes, you found a builder that actually has a written process to ensure quality work is happening throughout the job, from day one. That means you can rest assured that your home will be constructed with the mindset as if it was our very own generational home; investing in high levels of quality and care to match our clients' needs.

       Building your custom home is a life event and is something we take a large amount of pride in. We want every function to work perfectly for you, and for your family-- which is why we have unwavering customer service well after move-in. Consider COEUR your go-to crew for maintenance, warranty and vacation preparation. With our intimate level of knowledge about your project, it’s our baby too and there is no one better suited to care for it.

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We incorporate a cloud-based construction platform that gives you 24-hour access to useful information throughout the construction of your new home.  Whether you live in Coeur D’Alene or out of state, you can stay involved throughout the project, never losing control. This process adds an additional layer of clear, concise communication and documentation to avoid things from falling between the cracks.


Let us help you from day one to prevent some of the pitfalls that some unfortunate homeowners have experienced such as homesites turning out to be unbuildable or overly expensive due to existing site conditions. From HOA requirements and soils to home budget and design, our team will assist with the research professionals to set you up for success and ensure that you get all you deserve in your new custom home. All of these transparent processes together help make up the Diamond-Vu process.





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